Boston Photo Booth | Photo Booth Rental Boston | The Danger Booth

How does it work?

Use the interactive touch screen to take a set of three photos standing in front of the open-air booth. The photos will appear instantly on the screen. Add prints and get a physical copy of your photos in 19 seconds flat on-site.

How many people can fit inside?

4-6 fit comfortably and the current record stands at 14! 

How many photos can we take?

To infinity and beyond!

Boston Photo Booth | The Danger Booth

Do you provide props?

We do not provide props. We let you decide which unique props would best suit your event.

What are my options for a backdrop?

Does The Danger Booth work for kids?

This is great for kids! The Booth has two height options.

Boston Photo Booth | Photo Booth Rental Boston | The Danger Booth

How much does it cost?

See our rates page here

How do I reserve my date?

Please fill out our booking form here

What if I want to add more hours?

It is $100 per each additional hour

What is a custom print out?

An opportunity to personalize your event. See examples of past events here

Boston Photo Booth | The Danger Booth

How much space is needed?

We’ll need an 8x8x8 space with a 3-pronged power outlet within 20 feet

How long do you need to set up?

We will need access to your venue one hour before coverage begins to set up.

When will my photos be online?

Within 2 business days – that’s dangerously fast!

How do I find my photos?

Find your photos in our gallery here

Boston Photo Booth | The Danger Booth

I found my photos, now what?

You can digitally download any of the photos to share with friends or put them in your scrapbook. Additionally, you can purchase high-resolution prints (prices vary).

Can I use the Danger Booth outside?

We do not recommend using the Danger Booth outdoors due to the irregularity of weather/light. However, an outdoor area that is covered (tents, pavilions, etc.) will work just fine.

Do you offer instant sharing?

Yes! Our instant share kiosk sends photos instantly to email where guests can save their photos or upload to their social channels.