How to Use a Head Shot Photo Booth at Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate events and trade shows are often 3-5 day events with lots of sessions and downtime between these sessions. While trade shows usually have corporate event activities as well as sponsored booth activities like swag giveaways and games, there is still a lot of free time for event goers.


As the company putting on the event, it’s becoming harder to find ways to engage with your crowd beyond sessions and keynotes. Many organizations will hire musical guests and bands, host games and contests, and provide recharge stations for laptops and cell phones. These corporate event activities, along with ImpactEntertain’s 55 creative entertainment ideas for corporate events and conferences are a good place to start while planning.

One thing missing from a lot of corporate events is stations that are useful, comfortable for solo conference-goers, and serve an immediate purpose. A great option to check all those boxes is a business head shot photo booth station.

A photo booth for business head shots offers event goers an opportunity to improve their LinkedIn photo, company “about us” page, or the ID badge for their next event. It is a valuable and fun activity for your attendees. At The Danger Booth, we’ve been to over 400 events and the most photos we’ve ever taken at an event (over 4,000!) was at HubSpot's INBOUND event doing head shots. So, what did they do right?

To run a successful head shot photo booth station, you’ll need to prepare well. Make sure that you advertise the date/time/location to attendees with good signage, and station the photo booth in a low-congestion area. Don’t put the booth right at the entrance with no room for a line. Trust me, there will be a line. Give your guests plenty of opportunities to come to the photo booth for a corporate head shot at all hours of the event or conference. Many attendees will have jam-packed schedules and will only have time to stop by the photo booth during short breaks in between sessions.

When using a photo booth for head shots at a corporate event, keep a mirror handy, along with plastic combs and blotting paper to help your guests freshen up before they take their photo. Running around at a big event doesn’t necessarily leave guests looking as put-together as they’d like to be. Make sure that you hire a photo booth company that is experienced with head shots. If the company doesn’t have the proper backdrops and equipment, often photo booth photos will not come out looking professional for a head shot. A photo booth company that does head shots will have the right backdrops, equipment, and image quality to provide your attendees with a beautiful professional head shot.

Trade show activities can be fun and useful, but most importantly, they need to resonate with your attendees. Head shot photo stations could be the secret to success at the next event or conference you plan. Click here to book The Danger Booth for your next conference or event.